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Digital Writes is a podcast focusing on the prevalent but often ignored world of digital writing. Specific areas discussed on the show include: 1. Video game writing 2. Blog writing 3. Web and viral video writing 4. Books with digital media extensions (i.e., apps) Hosted by writer and university instructor Joshua Hillyer, Digital Writes sheds some light on the creators of this important content.
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Dec 15, 2015

Jon Irwin, author of the downright excellent Boss Fight Book on Super Mario Bros. 2, stops by to talk about his career, his writing process, being an au pair, driving an ice cream truck, and many many other things. 

On a side note, Jon Irwin might be the nicest person I've ever met. He's kind, complex, refreshing, and quirky in a good way. A lot like Super Mario Bros. 2.

Links of Interest:

Super Mario Bros. 2 - order page

Boss Fight Books

Chris Sinnott - the awesome composer of the Digital Writes theme song

Dec 1, 2015

Christopher Baker, the author of one of my favorite nonfiction books, WRONG! Retro Games You Messed Up Our Comic Book Heroes!, stops by to talk about his book, his career as a games journalist, working at Marvel and LucasArts, and what he's up to these days (hint: It's pretty cool).

Also, please - pretty please - review the show. Move over hippopotamus, all I want for Christmas are podcast reviews.

Links to the good stuff:

WRONG! Retro Games You Messed Up Our Comic Book Heroes!- Amazon store page

Marvel Heroes

Chris' website

Nov 16, 2015

Alternate title for this episode: Find Your Kevin Larrabee.

Georgia Dow stops by to talk about depression, therapy, OCD, and her incredibly helpful Internet videos on anxiety. It's a wonderful discussion that hopefully helps at least one person. 

Find the videos at

Georgia's awesome video game podcast with Brianna Wu and company:

The episode we discussed involving the concept of flow:


Nov 2, 2015

Josh is guest-less this week, so Josh stops by to talk to Josh about the Grantland closure as well as Ben Kuchera's article on Halo 5's narrative. 

Learn more about Josh at

I'm not Joshing.

We'll return to more traditional, interview-based programming on November 15.

And as always, look for new episodes on the 1st and 15th of every month!

Oct 15, 2015

The undeniably trill Benjamin Rivers stops by to talk about his critically-acclaimed iOS/PS4/PSVita/PC/Mac horror game Home. The conversation gets pretty crazy, and Ben is dubbed the "Canadian Lovecraft," a term he begrudgingly accepts. We then talk about his upcoming sci-fi romance game (how great is that?) Alone with You. Lots of thoughts on writing multiple versions of stories, not fully controlling your own narrative, and realizing your greatest fears (seriously).

Links to Ben's awesome creations:



Alone with You


P.S. Thank you thank you thank you for listening. the show on iTunes.

Oct 1, 2015

Dr. Jonny Metts stops by to discuss his ten plus years working on a popular video game website, the Nintendo podcast from which he recently retired, as well as his awesome book, Surviving Coventry!

Plenty of great nuggets on why we do creative endeavors even when there isn't much money in them as well as the difficulty of letting go of our past outlets.

Remember: New episodes of Digital Writes will be posted on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Find Jonny Metts' work at the following locations:


Sep 15, 2015

Thomas Mahler, Game Director of the stunning 2D action platformer Ori and the Blind Forest, stops by to discuss his game's narrative! Other topics include incorproating story into an interactive medium as well as using Final Draft to write your game's story.

Ori and the Blind Forest is available now on Steam and Xbox One.

Look forward to new episodes on the first and fifteenth of every month. :)

Aug 30, 2015

This is Episode Zero of the all-new Digital Writes podcast! It's a short one: Josh talks about the show, the reason it exists, and the first few guests you can expect to hear. Stick around; this is only the prologue to what will hopefully be a long, deep narrative.

Theme song by the lovely and talented Chris Sinnott: